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NEWS “Money For Nothing” ban in Canada Paper: Why More Intelligent Individuals Like Classical Music Milton Babbitt (1916-2011) (In the background: Lagniappe) Babbitt’s 1958 article Who Cares if you Listen? Video of highlights; full¬†text. .. INTERVIEW WITH PROFESSOR DAN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOMEWHERE First Masters of The Beatles graduates. .. TALKING DRUM Bisi Adeleke […]

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Dork Out!: A Preliminary Trial of the Game Boomshine

This has nothing to do with music. I like a good game here and there, and decided to answer a question I’ve had about the game Boomshine. .. RANDOM VERSUS INTENTIONAL GAMEPLAY IN BOOMSHINE ABSTRACT: In the game Boomshine, little balls bounce around the play area. The player touches the screen once (the iPhone version […]

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SMC 13: Dopamine, Yodeling

DOPAMINE Dopamine release during pleasurable music listening directly observed — the study and NYTimes coverage. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings .. YODELING Franzl Lang — “traditional” yodel, fun video Sideways yodeling “Softer” yodeling technique clip from the¬†Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Volume 8. Take a look at what vocal cords actually look like (icky and […]

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SMC 12: George Hrab Interview; Crumhorn

GEORGE HRAB Interview with George Hrab. CRUMHORN Basic crumhorn info The sample we played The outro music ..

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SMC 11: Background Music

BACKGROUND MUSIC Recent meta-analysis, introverts/extraverts, verbal learning, reading comprehension, seems to improve sleep for children, students, older folks, ah but here’s a meta analysis on music for sleep disorders. The word-search-puzzle study reminds us of our first episode about the filled duration illusion. Conflicting results for background music in bars, restaurants, stores. Soft, slow music […]

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Short, Simple Video: How the Ear Works

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SMC 10: Messiah Organist on Crack, Sandy Antunes

NEWS Ornately decorated conch shells found at a pre-Inca religious site in Peru. John Denver: more than meets the ear. Interviewing Carl Sagan in 1977. (via take as directed) Messiah Organist on Crack .. Interview with Sandy Antunes — Project Calliope (mentioned previously in episode 8.) Picture of the satellite-in-progress with a cat. Sandy mentions […]

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